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Dongtai Life Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd

Source:   Publisher:lifesaving   Published:2010-06-12

Dongtai Life Saving Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1984.

It has 20 year's experience in manufacturing lifesaveing devices such as Life Jackets, buoy, warm keeping suit, marine life saving aids etc.

There are 80 employees in the factory, 2 production lines, each is equipped with 10 sartorius, the monthly capability of normal type of marine life jacket is 15,000~20,000 sets, cutomer designed life saviing jackets for special needs is 2,000~4,000 sets, and life saving Buoy is 3,000 to 5,000 sets.

The manufacturing is fully complied with ISO9001, and all the products were certified by CCS.ZC.

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